Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how many toys are strewn across the house, or how many different activities you have on the go, kids will still claim they’re bored! If your little minions are climbing the walls and you need some serious inspiration, then we have six challenges to do at home to keep them (and you) entertained!

We have some blindfold drawing to reveal the creative critters, some tricky chopstick manoeuvres to master and the chance to turn your home into the scene of a lava-spewing volcano – watch your feet! 

Drawing Blindfolded Challenge

Get creative before even starting this challenge, by making your own unique blindfold. You could use anything from a tie, to a scarf, or socks stuffed into a diving mask! As long as you can’t see anything, then you are ready to play. 

  1. Put on the blindfold
  2. Put a pen to a blank piece of paper
  3. Decide what you are going to draw, then create your masterpiece!
  4. Take off the blindfold and see what you have made…

It’s surprising to see what you have actually drawn compared to what you think you have drawn. Our advice is, start simple before attempting anything too complicated – so start with a cow rather than a full farm!

LEGO Challenge (Brickit app)

This Lego-inspired app is genius! Pull out that huge box of mis-matched Lego and let the app do the rest! It basically scans every piece of Lego and produces ideas for what to build with it. Every idea comes with instructions, so you’ve essentially got multiple new Lego sets at your hands, just without the packaging – brilliant!

It’s simple:

  1. Download the Brick-it app
  2. Scan your Lego
  3. Select which of the Lego creations you’d like to build
  4. Make it – or should I say, get your kids to make it – who is this challenge for again?!
  5. Share your work of art with your friends (if you like the praise!)

The app is only available on the Apple app store for now, but the android version is on its way.

Jelly Bean Chopstick Challenge

A good challenge is simple to execute, tests the abilities of the player, and most importantly, fun! This is a prime example of a great challenge that can be enjoyed by the whole family! 

  1. Place one bowl of jellybeans in the middle of the table
  2. Place an empty bowl in front of every player and a pair of chopsticks
  3. Set the timer for 30 seconds, and go!
  4. Pick up as many jellybeans as possible and place them in your empty bowl – just using your chopsticks
  5. The winner is the player with the most jellybeans in their bowl at the end of the 30 seconds

Disclaimer – this challenge may lead to some major sugar highs and have your kids bouncing off the walls…!

No Thumbs Challenge

Who knew thumbs could be so handy? (excuse the pun!)

This challenge will have you laughing no end at each other, as you attempt to complete basic tasks without using your thumbs! You can actually buy a glove which holds your thumbs back, but for our DIY version, feel free to use good old gaffa tape or a bandage.

Here are some suggestions of what tasks you can give the kids to complete…

  • Open a biscuit wrapper
  • Write the alphabet
  • Make a sandwich
  • Open a locked door
  • Pick up a pack of playing cards strewn across the floor
  • Crack an egg

You’ll find that once you start looking, you’ll find plenty of other potential tasks around the house – you could even cleverly get the kids to help with the chores – like emptying the washing machine and hanging the clothes on the clothes line!

Other Hand Challenge

Most of us are either right-handed or left-handed, if you are ambidextrous then you might find you are the hero of this challenge! The game is simple, just use your less dominant hand to complete a task, it will produce surprising and hilarious results. How can one hand be so much less capable than the other?! Here’s a few ideas for the kids to have a crack at:

  • Draw your house/pet
  • Brush your teeth
  • Catch a ball
  • High five
  • Play table tennis
  • Spread butter onto a piece of bread

One things for certain, it’ll give you a whole new appreciation of your hands! 

Floor is Lava Challenge

Kid have amazing imaginations, which makes this challenge a winner. Gather all their mates together to make it even more exciting. You will have to set up the game for them, then watch them run riot!

You could be anywhere – in the garden, at the playground, or in one of the kid’s bedrooms. Whenever you shout ‘LAVA!’, everyone has to pretend that the floor has turned to lava and they have to get off the ground quickly! You’ll see them jumping up onto the sofa, scrambling up trees and even climbing each other to escape the heat!

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