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15 Activities to do with your Toddler on a Rainy Day

15 Activities to do with your Toddler on a Rainy Day

It’s a challenge to keep an energetic toddler entertained when it’s raining outside. Other than putting on a rain coat and gumboots so they can splash in puddles, here are some suggestions of what to do with your toddler at home on a rainy day.

If you do head out in the rain, just remember to make sure your car is packed with a change of clothes, raincoats, gumboots, an umbrella, a towel and a plastic tub to put wet and muddy clothes in. This way you’ll be ready to dry everyone and keep them warm after some rain play!

1. Create a sensory rice tub

Fill a tub with rice, pasta and oats, then place in the toys and let them feel away. Little animals or dinosaurs are great, as well as measuring cups and little jugs. They will enjoy plenty of touching, pouring and exploring.

2. Have a dance party

Put some music on, leave your inhibitions at the door and let loose! Have fun!

3. Create a treasure hunt

Have some crafty fun together and make some treasure. Take turns hiding it, letting the other find it.

4. Share story time together

Get some cushions or bean bags, get cosy together with blankets and stuffed toys and read some favourite stories together.

5. Put on a puppet show

Make puppets out of toilet paper rolls and other household items, and then put on a puppet show.

6. Rock painting

Find some rocks on a rainy walk, take them home and wash them, then paint on patterns and pictures. Once finished, it would make a lovely eye-catching feature in the garden.

7. Build your own cubby house

Gather your cushions, pillows, blankets and sheets to build a cubby house or fort.

8. Make Oobleck

If you have corn starch in your pantry then you can make Oobleck! Take a bowl, pour 1 cup of water, add in 1.5 cups of corn starch and mix it together! It’s easy to make but it’s messy, so make sure you have an easy wipe-down surface or a mat. It’s so much fun to play with! You can hold it as a solid and then it will ooze out through your fingers. Add a bit of food colouring to make it even better. Instructables have an easy to follow recipe.

9. Finger painting

It’s time to get messy! Lay out the paper, get the paint ready and let your little one stick their hands in and create a masterpiece!

10. Easy indoor obstacle course

Create a toddler-friendly obstacle course using cushions, bean bags, tunnels, soft play mat, pillow balance path. There are some great obstacle course toys available at the moment, like these stepping stones.

11. Visit an indoor play centre

There’s a good selection of play centres around if you want to stay indoors – have a look at our blog about local indoor play centres.

12. Go for a swim

There are plenty of options for an indoor swimming pool with a toddler section including Fremantle Leisure Centre, LeisureFit Booragoon and Cockburn ARC. Take a look at our post about local swimming pools.

12. Form a home rock band

Get out some kitchen utensils, pots & pans and let them go rock ‘n’ roll wild! Try filling a plastic bottle with rice or pasta for a home made maraca.

13. Pom pom drop

Find a wall or door, grab some empty toilet paper rolls or kitchen paper rolls, tape to the wall and drop some pom poms through! It’s that simple.

14. Don’t touch the lava

The floor is lava and you have to get out of the room without touching the lava, otherwise your feet will burn! Put cushions down as stepping stones to help get you to safety. If you don’t have enough cushions, put down some coloured pieces of paper.

15. Hide and Seek

This is an oldie but a goodie!

Have fun! Remember to stay warm but get still get plenty of fresh air when you can.

For some more craft ideas to try and home with the kids, check out these 10 YouTube and Art & Craft channels.

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