Pram-Friendly Walks around Melville

Whether you’re planning a “mum date” or time outdoors with your little one, a pram walk never disappoints. Below is a list of pram-friendly walks around Melville that are easily accessible. All these walks can be as long or as short as your coffee lasts because most of them are open-ended. It’s the perfect excuse to get into your favourite activewear and enjoy some exercise in the great outdoors.

Pram-Friendly Walks Along the Swan River

Point Walter Reserve to Attadale Reserve, Bicton (Approx. 1.7km)

Point Walter Reserve is a popular spot for those mums wanting a pram-friendly walk with river views. There is adequate parking and you can stock up on supplies before you start your walk at Walter’s River Cafe.

The path is wide enough for a pram and is in good condition. As you head East out of the reserve, the path is lined with established trees providing shade for you and your little one. Continue east along the river past the Attadale Dog Beach to the large and open Attadale Reserve. This is a popular dog exercise area so you may meet a few furry friends along the path.

The views of the city are unobstructed and, on a beautiful Perth day, it’s as close to paradise as you will get (apart from a solid 8 hours sleep).

  • Toilet facilities – yes
  • Cafe – yes

Tompkins Park to Lucky Bay, Applecross (Approx. 1km)

Tompkins Park is located in Applecross with a great cafe right on the reserve next to the playground. Grab a coffee or let the kids enjoy the playground before you start this pram friendly walk. You will find a carpark outside the cafe and another to the West of the cafe. Both are not normally busy during the week and are well shaded.

As you walk East towards the city, there are two paths you can choose from. One runs right alongside the river and the other runs along Dunkley Avenue. To reach the river path, you will need to cross the grassed reserve which is flat and fairly smooth. The paths do not have a lot of shade so be sure to bring hats and sunscreen.

As you continue East you’ll find yourself at a playground that has an automated toilet (it talks to you!). This spot is called Lucky Bay and it’s the perfect place for your little ones to splash around in the river as the bay has a nice sandy entry point.

  • Toilets – yes
  • Cafe – yes

John Tonkin Reserve to the Fremantle Traffic Bridge, East Fremantle (Approx. 2km)

This pram-friendly walk takes you West along the Swan River towards the old Fremantle traffic bridge. Zephyr’s Cafe (which is located next to the John Tonkin Reserve) is a great place to start this walk as their coffee is good and they offer a lot of kid friendly snacks for your little passenger. Parking at the cafe can be tricky if you head there mid-morning but just South of Zephyr’s you will find another free car park.

As you head West along the river, you’ll notice that the river is quite lively. There are usually kayakers and boats cruising up and down the river so there are always a lot of things to point out to your little ones. This stretch of the river is a popular walk so even though the path is wide, you’re likely to meet a lot of runners and dog walkers along the way.

There is no shortage of cafes along this walk as it will take you past Dome, the Leftbank and as far as the Beach St Co cafe.

  • Toilets – yes
  • Cafe – yes

Mount Henry Bridge to Canning Bridge, Mount Pleasant (Approx. 3.5km or 7km full loop)

This pram friendly walk takes you along the beautiful foreshore in Mount Pleasant and is a popular walking and cycling trail. There is adequate free parking underneath the Mount Henry Bridge and in the carpark across the road. You can usually find a great coffee van next to the carpark if you need a take away coffee before your walk.

As you head North towards Canning Bridge, the footpath (which is in great condition) is lined with established trees for most of the way. Because of its popularity, keep you eyes out for cyclists and dog walkers.

Almost at the halfway point of this walk you can make a pitstop at the Dome. They have toilet facilities and the coffee and snacks are always good. If the kids need to get out of the pram there is a playground outside the Dome. There are also a lot of large trees giving you and your little one plenty of shade for a quick picnic.

The last section of the walk takes you through a beautiful part of the foreshore and is dotted with benches. Great places to sit for a rest or for a selfie. When you get to Canning Bridge you have the option to turn around and head back or to complete a loop around the river. This loop continues over Canning Bridge and finishes at Mount Henry Bridge where you started.

This is such a picturesque walk with so much to do along the way that you will not even realize how long you have walked for.

  • Toilets – yes
  • Cafe – yes

Park Based Pram-Friendly Walks

Piney Lakes Reserve, Winthrop (Approx. 3km)

Piney Lakes Reserve in Winthrop offers a picturesque pram-friendly walk around the lake and an interactive sensory play park for the kids. There’s also a dog exercise area if you are wanting to take your furry friend along for a walk as well.

The reserve itself is surrounded by natural bushland and has an abundance of established trees, giving you a fairly shaded pram walk. This is the perfect spot to bring along a picnic for you and your little one. Set up by the lake and watch the ducks or try to spot some tadpoles in the lake.

The lake itself is small in size so its a short 15 minutes walk around the lake. If you feel more energetic the walk through the natural bushlands surrounding the lake is approximately a 3km loop.

There is large free car park off Murdoch Drive. Unfortunately there is no cafe in the Reserve so drop by your favourite local for a takeaway coffee before this peaceful walk.

You can read more about the Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park in the playground review section on our blog.

  • Toilets – yes
  • Cafe – no

Manning Park, Hamilton Hill (Approx. 1.6km)

Manning Park in Hamilton Hill is a huge reserve with plenty to do, either before or after your walk. The 1.6km loop around Manning Lake is well paved and well shaded for you and your little passenger. Keep your eyes out for turtles that sometimes saunter across the path. There are signs along the walk to remind you to keep your eyes open for these leisurely strollers.

The park has four castle-themed playgrounds to offer, all of them covered by shade sails. The expansive grassed areas make this another perfect spot for a picnic. Dogs are allowed in the park but must be leashed at all times.

For some local history, you can visit The Azelia Ley Homestead Museum. The heritage listed residence was built in 1923 for Azelia Ley (nee Manning) and offers a glimpse into the life of a prosperous settler family living in the Cockburn district.

Stop on the way to Manning Park at your local cafe to pick up a coffee as there are no cafes in the park.

  • Toilets – yes
  • Cafe – no

Booyeembara Park, White Gum Valley (Approx 1km)

Booyeembara Park in White Gum Valley is a hidden gem that includes a nature playground, climbing frame, a 5-way swing, an olive grove and a stunning lake. ‘Booyeembara’ is a Noongar word meaning ‘of the limestone hills’. The park is affectionately known as “Boo Park” to locals and is located where Montreal and Stevens Streets meet in White Gum Valley.

The paved trail around the lake in the middle of the park is a perfect pram friendly walk. The trail actually forms a figure 8 as it takes you around the lake and also a small wetland area. Along the way there are several benches for you to sit on and take in the lake view or to enjoy a snack.

Next to the Nature playground there is a large grassed area perfect for your little ones to run on or for you to set a picnic rug and enjoy your coffee. There is no cafe in the park so bring along your favourite hot drink and snacks. There is a car park on Montreal Street where you can also find the public toilets.

  • Toilets – yes
  • Cafe – no

If you’ve taken any of these walks, or we’ve missed off a great pram-friendly walk in the Melville area, join the conversation in the Melville Mums Facebook group. For more playground and park reviews visit our Parks & Playgrounds blog section.

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