Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park is an all-inclusive playground for kids of all abilities. There are lots of carpark spaces here which are also generous in size to accommodate wheelchairs and prams. 

This play park is based on nature play, so it’s hardly surprising that the park has lots of established trees creating canopies over the play areas and seating areas. The park is also peppered with eye-catching artwork and sculptures. 

True to the nature play theme, the play areas are surrounded by raised gardens with displays of native plants that are home to native animals and insects. There is also a spinning wheel as you walk into the play park. 

Spinning wheel for kids on the left and a footpath around the play park

The sand play area is usually busy with little kids as it has pulleys, wheels and a conveyor belt. 

Sand play area in the park with the lake in the far left and an artwork on the right

The water play area is also another highlight with little kids as there is a water pump on each end and the kids can see the water flowing down both play tables. Be prepared and bring a change of clothes though! Lots of squealing and laughter usually emanate from both the sand and water play areas. 

This play park also has a turtle dome where little kids run in and out of. There is a balance seesaw which is a highlight of the park.

Turtle dome on the left, fountain in the middle and the sand play area on the right

There are lots of balancing beams and logs, and rollover bars, encouraging agility in kids.

Wooden timber beams and logs, and bars keeping kids busy

There are quieter spaces within this play park where older kids can sit and rest such as the story chair nook with a pirates’ map.

This play park also offers an accessible roundabout for kids in wheelchairs. There are a few swings nearby; toddler swings, swings for older kids, a basket swing and a swing with back support and straps.

Toddler swings
Swings with back support and straps

There is also a labyrinth with coloured peepholes and speaker phones for three-way conversations. 

Unfortunately, this play park is not fenced and is close to a lake, making supervising toddlers essential. The lake is beautiful with water fountains providing the calming sound of water flowing. It is easy to forget that this play park is not far from Leach Highway!

Water fountains provide a calming backdrop to the play area

There is a small waterfall that is beautiful against the greenery of the play park. There is also a long board walk (ramp) from the play park up to the amphitheatre area. The walk is accessible to wheelchairs and prams.

Long board walk to the amphitheatre area

Next to the board walk is an obstacle course of large orange rings. You can see kids crawl through them like little ninjas!

Over the walkway is a larger climbing frame for older kids with a rubbery mat floor. There are also lots of footpaths here for walking and these footpaths are frequently used by those with wheelchairs, prams, bicycles and scooters. 

Wide footpaths generously providing access to prams, wheelchairs, cyclists and those on scooters.

Lots of green open space can be found here to throw down a picnic rug or throw a frisbee around. There are also picnic tables, benches and BBQ facilities plus two accessible unisex toilets that are fitted with adult change tables and grab rails.


Essential Info

Fenced? No

Toilets? Yes 

Picnic tables? Yes

BBQs? Yes

Nearest coffee: None nearby

Location: Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park, Off Murdoch Drive Winthrop 

Melville Mums
Author: Melville Mums