Do you need some inspiration on keeping your kids busy with art and craft at home? There are so many YouTube channels dedicated to just that! We’ve listed 10 YouTube Art & Craft channels for kids that are worth following.

1. Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art has some great ideas for kids to do art and craft at home. For the slightly older children, they might be able to do some of them by themselves.

2. Mister Maker

Mister Maker is the ultimate arts and crafts show for pre-schoolers which teaches and entertains in fun and imaginative ways. Get creative with Mister Maker and his helpers! There are lots of things to make and do.

3. Crafts for Kids

At Crafts for Kids you will find plenty of awesome crafts, ideas and experiments for your kids, it’s easily to follow with simple step by step tutorials. These are probably more suited to the older children.

4. The Artful Parent

The Artful Parent has plenty of children’s art, seasonal crafts, and family fun. The videos are easy and kid friendly with unique ideas and it’s a great resource to keep them busy.

5. Babble Dabble Do

Nurturing curious kids through creative projects. This channel is definitely more for the older children or for younger ones to do with an adult.

6. Kids Crafts

Kids Craft is all about paper craft. There are so many different things you can make from folding paper!

7. Ara Plays Art

Ara Plays Art have art videos which include drawing, colouring and painting that is easy for kids to follow. It’s great for drawing inspiration.

8. One Little Project

One Little Project has kids crafts, activities, projects, fun recipes, holiday projects and more!

9. Art for Kids Hub

Follow along with Rob and his family and learn how to draw plus other fun art lessons for kids. This is a great fun channel for those ready to draw pictures.

10. Miss Tricks Mix

Miss Tricks Mix is a DIY channel all about creating, but it is mostly with sewing and felt. So if you’ve got a keen sewer in the family, this is a great place to start.

Have fun creating and happy crafting!

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Melville Mums
Author: Melville Mums