For the majority of mums who are reading this blog, dating has led you to where you are now, being a proud mum. As your life as a parent rolls along, everything can seem to get more hectic and stressful. Time, money, waistlines; they all get a little tighter and parenthood can become overwhelming. To regain your sanity and keep your marriage solid, date nights are a must, not just a nice-to-have for other couples to enjoy.

Date nights by definition are unique experiences that you share with your significant other without ordinary distractions – something fun for just the two of you! They’re a chance to take a break from your normal routine and daily stresses. A chance to do something special with your partner. 

Parenting is a tough job and one that requires a village of support and encouragement around you. This village starts with you and your partner. Friendship is a huge part of a committed relationship which needs to be fostered so it is not taken for granted. By taking the effort to regularly spend time with your partner, you strengthen your bond, find that spark again and realise how amazing parenthood can be.

How often should we go on Date Night?

Start small, maybe once a month and work up to weekly dates if it’s feasible. The more regularly you can schedule “dates” with your partner, the more of these below benefits you and your whole family will enjoy. It’s a win-win situation!

  • Increased happiness: After spending time with your partner, being listened to and connecting with them you will naturally feel happier.  A happy mum means a happy house.
  • Lower stress levels: Without any distractions, you can talk through any misunderstandings or miscommunications you’ve had with your partner in a less emotional way. Your more relaxed vibe will be well received by your kids.
  • Rekindled intimacy: Away from the kids and normal family life, you can relight that romantic spark and have some fun too.
  • Better communication: Date Nights allow you the time and space to talk about things that are important to you as a person and as a couple. You can catch up on what’s happening in your partner’s life because some days you can feel more like “passing ships in the night” than partners. Communication is a muscle that needs to be worked on otherwise it will get weaker.
  • Modeling good behavior for your kids: By taking time out for yourself as a couple, you are showing your little ones that family is about different relationships, not just the parent-child relationship. It builds a sense of WE in the family unit, instead of a sense of ME.
  • Stronger commitment and resilience as a couple: When you regularly work on your relationship by doing something as simple as “date night”, you increase its strength and resilience for handling the tougher times. 

It’s too hard to organise!

It may seem like work at first to organise and schedule regular date nights, but just remember the fun the two of you can get up to. Because date nights are a necessity, plan them together and do something you both enjoy to make the process more fun. You can try something as simple and inexpensive as walking to the local park or as extravagant as a weekend away at a spa. Here are some ideas to get your date night diary started, whether you are looking for a night out, a night in or a “date day”.

It doesn’t matter so much what you do on date night but what you feel that is important.


Date Nights or Date Days out of the house

  • Catch a movie either indoors or outdoors
  • Sweat it out together; bike ride, beach walk, surfing, ice skating, hiking
  • Try sightseeing in a new part of town
  • Grab a picnic rug and relax
  • Enjoy a long leisurely grown up breakfast
  • Share a laugh at a comedy show
  • Listen to live music 
  • Book a table at a romantic restaurant
  • Check into a day spa
  • Have a weeknight getaway at your favourite hotel
  • Go to a sports game 

Stay at home Date Nights (Once the kids are in bed)

  • Order in from your favourite restaurant and stay up chatting
  • Find a new TV series on Netflix and snuggle up on the couch 
  • Play for washing up privileges over a games night
  • Grab a wine and go on a virtual tour anywhere in the world. Virtual museums, zoos, aquariums and art galleries can all easily be found online.

For even more inspiration, here’s a list of 20 at-home date night ideas to help re-ignite that spark!

So put on your favourite slippers, sneakers or heels and send your partner an invite to a date night. Relax and have some fun, we all deserve it!

Melville Mums
Author: Melville Mums