Manning Park playground is a play space that shows off castle-like equipment, while being surrounded by the beautiful Manning Lake. The playground is full of exciting ramps leading up to bridges connecting different forts and lots of different slides to bring the kids squealing down.

Manning Park playground, awaiting shade sails to be fitted and ready for summer.

Manning Park playground is located within Manning Park in Hamilton Hill. The park itself is part of Beeliar Regional Park that boasts Manning Lake and the limestone ridge to the west of the wetland. Behind the museum, you can enjoy the Davilak Walking Trail, a limestone track passing by lots of historical ruins.

There is ample parking near the playground. When you drive in to park, you will see Azelia Ley Homestead Museum. Opposite the museum is the  beautiful Manning Lake.

Green grass areas overlook Manning Lake with lots of picnic tables, gazebos and BBQ facilities. On an ordinary weekend, you would see people sitting under the gazebos having BBQ or lying on the grass, reading away. 

The toilets separate the picnic areas from Manning Park playground. The playground is made up of different sections; all sections are fitted with shade sail poles, and shade sails are on to help reduce the heat in summer.  

Toilets at Manning Park playground.

The playground is for kids of all abilities and ages. There is an all-abilities Liberty Swing which requires an access key from the City of Cockburn to use the ramp for the swing. There is a bench near the Liberty Swing which is shaded by an established tree. 

Liberty Swing for kids with wheelchairs.

The rest of the playground comprises of castle-like play equipment with a sign stating “Friendship Castle”. There are ramps leading up to the forts, with red winding slides and smaller straight yellow slides for the little ones. There’s also another bench there but it is not shaded by trees.

Kids can run up the ramp, through little bridges and up to the little fort, before sliding down the winding red slide. The yellow Liberty Swing is on the right.

There are monkey bars and fireman’s poles there too. It’s a great place to play hide and seek for the little ones as they run from one fort to another.

The playground is surrounded by lovely grassy areas to watch the kids or to simply enjoy a picnic. Manning Park has decent footpath access around the lake for prams and wheelchairs. You can also see kids whizzing by on their scooters and bicycles.

The park is open daily from 7am to 7pm. There are no cafes within the park itself. The closest cafes include Coco & Boho and Caffissimo Phoenix; both are still quite far away from the park though, so it might be best to grab your coffee on the way!


Essential Info

Fenced? No, except for Liberty Swing

Toilets? Yes 

Picnic tables? Yes

BBQs? Yes

Nearest coffee: Coco & Boho and Caffissimo Phoenix

Location: 61 Azelia Road, Hamilton Hill

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