There comes a point in time where your home may no longer suit your family’s needs and/or lifestyle. Here are my top tips to get you in the mindset of planning for the long term, whether it be a renovation or a new home. 


Before you spend a cent, make sure you like your location. Quiet friendly streets with a family might be more beneficial long term than river views on a busy arterial street.


Plan a home that suits you for the next 15 years. Think about the function for small children to late teens. Separate living areas allow space or design open plan living areas that can be closed off, for example by barn doors.


Build more than you need – you will never regret it. Did you know good storage is worth more than a third bathroom on the real estate market and costs a lot less! Think mud rooms, walk-in linens, window seats and larger garages.


Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration but, if you want to find your style, look in your wardrobe. Look at items and colours of your favourite pieces to give you a sense of what you will love for a long time to come.

Wish List

Work out what are your non-negotiables and prioritise these in your budget. If you can’t afford the items immediately, add provisions so that you can install them later. An example of this could be a gas point and planned area for a built in BBQ Kitchen in your alfresco.

Ask for Help

It is not overindulgent to hire an Interior Designer to help. Believe me – you will second guess yourself a lot when there are a lot of decisions, and some of us will google till midnight, making sure we picked the right exterior colour. Professionals will save you making mistakes that could be costly, but will also point out things to incorporate in the early stages. For example, putting power points in the bedroom in the right location so that you can have lamps on your bedside without extension cords.

Kelly Negus is the Interior Designer behind Connected Interiors, is a mother of two vibrant children, Zara and Clancy, and has lived in Alfred Cove for 14 years.

Kelly is a huge advocate that stunning interior design needn’t cost the earth. Renowned for being a meticulous researcher and a bargain-hunter, she loves helping clients save on their renovations, extensions and new homes.

Kelly has worked in the property industry since 2007, both designing, renovating and building family homes and furnishing apartments for owner occupiers, displays and investors. She has completed studies at the Interior Design Institute – Australia.

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