Carawatha Park playground is everything you need for kids of all abilities and ages. Although personally, I think bigger kids will have a better time than little ones at this playground.

The carpark is small with only one accessible parking bay, however there is heaps of street parking available near the playground. 

There are lots of established trees here, making the playground quite cool and breezy, even on a hot summer day! If the day is extra hot, there are a few picnic tables and benches that are also in the shade (or part shade, depending on the time of the day).

There is a fantastic water play area. Little kids love getting water pumped out of the water pump and then watching as the water makes its way down. Just remember to bring a change of clothes.

There is also a sand play area for little kids with a little sand pulley system. Kids can climb up the little bench and pull on the chain or stay down in the sand and shove sand into the little sand carrier. Sand play is good fun, until the kids get into their car seats and then there’s sand everywhere!

Carawatha Park playground has the usual slides but it also has a large slide mound with wide polished concrete custom slide. It’s wide enough for at least two kids to come down the slide together, landing in mulch. There are large rocks beside the slide, teasing and challenging kids to climb up on them.

This playground really is inspired by nature and boasts balancing beams, stepping stones and logs. The beams and stones are in mulch and sand, so a fall can be slightly softened. Kids can definitely practice balancing and improve their agility. There is also a little bridge for kids to run up and down on.

As if the playground does not have enough rocks and stepping stones, it also has lots of blocks to climb. Additionally, there is also an arched climbing frame over a stepped feature log. The landing is soft as the area is mulched.

Another unique piece of play equipment here is the tree deck with a climbing frame. There’s a scramble net for the little spider-man (or spider-woman) to climb through and a bright orange fireman’s pole for them to come sliding down. Bigger kids can climb up the established tree from the tree deck and they would get a bird’s eye view of the playground for sure!

As you follow the footpath towards the back of the playground, you will see the adjoining bushland. Beautiful trees weep down towards the mulch while large logs criss cross each other, inviting little climbers up. There are wood carvings scattered around the bushland and also the park itself.

There are a few outdoor exercise equipment here in the green grass areas. The playground also has abundant garden beds with beautiful native plants and also has a bush tucker theme featuring various edibles and fruit trees like macadamia, lily pily and the irish strawberry tree. 

There is a lot of green grass areas for picnics and playing sport. There is also an AFL goal post in the open green space area just before the adjoining bushland. BBQ facilities are also available here. All accessible toilets can be found in this playground too.

Essential Info

Fenced? No

Toilets? Yes 

Picnic tables? Yes

BBQs? Yes

Nearest coffee: Little Olive Leaf Cafe

Location: 10 Archibald Street, Willagee 

Melville Mums
Author: Melville Mums