If you think art is just for fun, think again! Below are just some of the benefits of participating in art-based activities, and they don’t apply only to kids! It might be time for us all to pick up that paintbrush and tap into our creativity.

1. Encourages creative thinking

Creative thinking uses a part of the brain that affects emotional perception and visual imagery. Decision making and problem solving skills are continually called upon in art as there are many decisions to be made about colour, design and materials. 

2. Builds confidence & self-esteem

Art develops a child’s perceptual abilities, extending their vision to see elements such as line, shape, colour and composition. But most important is the feeling of success a child gets from completing their artwork. Not only does it build confidence and self-esteem but it gives them a sense of accomplishment that can have ongoing affects in other areas of their life.

3. Sparks innovation

Art teaching in school is sometimes viewed as an optional extra but is essential for successful societies of the future. Research acknowledges creativity as crucial for innovation and, through curiosity and imaginative play, children can build on their creative and critical thinking processes, paving the way for future innovation.  

Creativity, problem solving and developing our imaginations are as essential as math and reading if we expect kids to solve the problems of the 21st century.

– Professor Ewing, University of Sydney

4. Improves literacy, numeracy & social skills

There are growing concerns in the educational community that the increased focus on literacy and numeracy, that nationalised testing has brought, has resulted in funding cuts to education in the arts due to limited resources. Research conducted in the United States showed that not only can arts education improve skills in numeracy and literacy, but also show improvements in social development through teamwork, confidence and self-worth. Research also showed that students who study art are 3 to 4 times more likely to be recognised for academic achievement.

Well-known Perth artist and educator, Jane McKay, began the Creative Kids Art Club in 2011 to meet the demands of parents and to provide access to specialised art education for children aged 5 to 14 through after school and holiday classes. 

Creative Kids Art Club - Benefits of Art

The classes aim to fill that gap in creative education by providing quality art projects that give children the opportunity to unleash their creativity. The projects span a wide range of media from painting on canvas, clay work, 3D sculpture, printmaking and craft to weaving and sewing. Each term has a range of exciting new projects, so the children develop skills and techniques through new creative experiences. 

Please call Jane on 9367 7618 or visit the Creative Kids Art Club website for more details or to enrol.

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