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Brandwood Reserve (Leeming) – Playground Review

Brandwood Reserve (Leeming) – Playground Review

Brandwood Reserve playground is a small playspace in the suburbs, shaded by established trees and shade sails (thank heavens for this when we’re in the middle of a scorching summer heatwave!) It’s quite difficult to find any information on this playground when you look it up online. It sure is a hidden gem!

Unfortunately there is not much parking available at the reserve. However, this park is frequented more by locals with their prams and strollers instead of lots of vehicles.

This playround has so much shade from shade sails and canopies from established trees that you can’t even feel the scorching sun. 

This playground has just enough equipment to keep little and big kids entertained, while also giving adults the opportunity to work out. 

The playground is in beautiful white sand, making it wonderful for kids to dig their toes in or make sandcastles – make sure to bring the bucket and spade!

There are two slides in this playground; a straight yellow slide and a windy orange slide. Both slides are connected by bridges. 

There are a few climbing frames and nets for adventurous climbers that lead to the top of the playground equipment.

For kids who prefer to relax, this playground has a toddler swing as well as a regular swing.

Brandwood Reserve itself has a rustic walking trail, surrounded by bush. It’s a great place to take the dog for a walk while pushing a pram or stroller.

Adults can also have a bit of a workout using the exercise equipment while watching the kids run up and down in the playground.

There is only one picnic bench and one bench overlooking the playground. There is a water fountain at the playground, however there are no cafes nearby. It might be a good idea to come to the playground with a takeaway coffee in hand.

Unfortunately this playground is not fenced, however it is bordered by relatively quiet streets.

There are also no toilets here so come prepared!


Essential Info

Fenced? No

Toilets? No

Picnic tables? Yes

BBQs? No

Nearest coffee: None unfortunately

Location: 64 Casserly Drive, Leeming

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