Looking for an activity for you and your baby which is fun, social and educational? Well, Baby Sensory could be for you and we’re excited to announce that there’s a brand new sparkly venue that has recently opened up in Melville, plus they have a special offer for Melville Mums!

For those that haven’t yet experienced the wonders of Baby Sensory, it is the first (and original) baby programme to offer a holistic approach to learning and sensory development from birth to 13 months. Parents internationally are discovering the benefits to this multi-award-winning program, both for baby and carer. Backed by over 35 years of research, a leading parent expert founded Baby Sensory with the aim of providing the tools needed to help support and empower the parent.

The new centre in Melville has been strategically designed to provide the ultimate sensory experience. The owner, Natalie, is a paediatric physiotherapist and mum of two, and we spoke to her about what she hopes the new venue will bring to the world of Baby Sensory.

“We can’t wait for parents to see our new venue, it’s bright, colourful and beautiful!” said Nat. “Every aspect of Baby Sensory has strategic thinking and planning behind it, from the colours of the mats on the floor to the structure of each class (which we change weekly with a new theme) to enable the baby to gain the most from the experience.

We want the space to be highly engaging, yet relaxing, there’s a huge creative aspect involved in running the programmes, as well as designing the venue. I want it to be so compelling that everyone comes back. A huge focus of what we do is to help strengthen the attachment between baby and carer, every activity we run is about fostering that attachment. Parenting (particularly for first-time parents) is such an anxious time, we want to support them through education and entertainment”.

Nat and the team are not only knowledgeable in Baby Sensory, but they’re all parents to young children themselves. “I have a two and a five-year-old,” said Nat, “and all the other class leaders have two kids too. We have recent lived experience which is important to be able to empathise with other parents. Parenting is hard, we come up with our own set of rules and boundaries and we do the best we can every day, we all channel that same ethos. We understand it can be a huge effort to get out of the house in the morning, our ultimate goal is for each and every parent or carer to leave us feeling that the last hour spent with us was totally worth the effort”.

Baby Sensory in Melville is situated at the Hawaiian’s Shopping Centre, with the convenience of an underground car park, Coles, a coffee shop and small playground – what more do you need?! Nat has already seen amazing growth in numbers attending classes, but she’s keen to encourage more parents to get involved. “Parents sometimes worry that their baby won’t get much out of it in the early months,” explained Nat. “But research now shows that a newborn’s brain is developing over a million new connections every second, so even if baby hasn’t yet got the motor skills to actively participate, exposure to a range of rich sensory experiences from a young age really will have a profoundly positive effect on their development.”

Take 10% off Term 4 classes…

Interested? You can sign up now for Term 4, plus there is a 10% discount for Melville Mums! Head to the Baby Sensory website and use the code WOWT4FUN when paying. Melville have classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Nat tries to make it as easy as possible for parents by offering flexible terms and conditions, including make-up classes for sessions you cannot attend. Go along and have a go!