We’ve had some crazy hot days this summer and there are still weeks ahead of us before the cooler weather gives us some relief. It can be hard to know what to do with little ones when it’s so hot, especially ones who are always on the go.

Other than the beach or shopping centres, here are some suggestions of what to do with your toddler on a hot day, both at home and at local attractions. It’s best to get out in the morning before it gets too hot, try to stay at home in the air conditioning for the middle of the day and don’t forget lots of watermelon & pineapple for on-the-go refreshing healthy snacks.

Our suggested activities are suitable for toddlers and young kids, however everyone loves a water fight on a hot day!

1. Sprinkler Fun

Let them run around in the sprinkler or position it under the trampoline for more fun!

2. Water Fight

Fill those water balloons, water pistols, buckets and grab the hose for a wet adventure.

3. Water Table

Toddlers love playing with a water table, it keeps them engaged and playing happily.

4. Wash their toys

Even better, put some washing liquid in with the water and let them clean their toys!

5. Paddling Pool

Clam shells are suitable for sitting babies and blow up paddling pools work well for toddlers and young kids. Please remember not to leave your children unattended whilst in the paddling pool.

6. Bicton Baths

Bicton Baths is a lovely sheltered part of the river. It’s a beautiful spot and perfect for little ones in the shallow water.

7. John Tonkin Reserve, East Fremantle

You can find the perfect combination of river and playground next to Zephyr’s café at John Tonkin Reserve. There’s always so much activity happening on this part of the river to keep you and your little ones entertained all morning, watching boats, kayaks and if you’re lucky, dolphins! Plus the café is right there for refreshments.

8. Norm McKenzie Park, East Fremantle

Next to the Fremantle Rowing Club is a hidden part of the river where the children can have a splash at Norm McKenzie Park. This is another one with a playground, and Cool Beans cafe is open every day (except public holidays) for refreshments. This section of the river is protected from all the passing boats so you don’t get as many waves that can come at John Tonkin Reserve.

9. Hyde Park Water Playground

If you don’t mind travelling a little further afield, then the water playground at Hyde Park is fabulous fun for toddlers and little ones. There’s usually a coffee van there to keep you fuelled whilst they get wet and wild.

10. Indoor Playcentres

There’s a good selection of play centres around if you want to stay indoors, including Gymbakids at Melville LeisureFit, Tropical Twist in O’Connor, Chipmunks in Bibra Lake and Lollipops in Jandakot.

11. Swimming Centres

There are plenty of options for an indoor swimming centre with a toddler section including Fremantle Leisure Centre, LeisureFit Booragoon, Cockburn ARC. Take a look at our post about local swimming centres.

12. Make Homemade Icy Poles

Check out these delicious recipes for homemade icy poles to help keep you cool.

13. Water Bucket Relay

The aim is to transfer water from one bucket to the next. You can make it a race if you have two or more children old enough to play. Otherwise for the toddlers, just let them have fun pouring water from one to another at a pouring station.

14. Water Pistol Painting

This one is recommended for toddlers old enough to operate a water pistol safely. Simply fill up a water pistol with coloured water that you have dyed with food colouring. Then set up art paper on an easel or on the floor and let them go for it. Plenty of entertainment and lots of funky artwork to display.

15. Fishing Pond

Fill a paddling pool or water table with water and some small objects for your toddler to ‘catch’. They can use a kitchen ladle or a fishing net. They’ll have lots of fun with this one.

If you still run out of ideas, then bubbles always go down well with this age group.

Have fun! Remember to stay sun safe and drink plenty of water.

Liz De Prose
Author: Liz De Prose

Liz is a local mum of two young children and is passionate about supporting other Mums. With a background in marketing and event management, being a part of Melville Mums is a great way to put her experience and skillset to good use.