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Where to find a local Drive Thru Coffee – Melville

Where to find a local Drive Thru Coffee – Melville
barista holding a drive thru coffee at Rubra on the Go
Source: Rubra on the Go

The beans are roasting, the coffee is fresh

You’re late for school drop off, the house is a mess

You need some caffeine but there’s so much to do

Look below for your local drive thru

Life can be busy, and a morning or afternoon coffee can be the fuel you need. It can keep you going through napless nap times, toddler tantrums, work meetings, errands and hectic schedules. When you’re out and about either on your own or with children in tow, you don’t always have time to get out of the car, let alone trying to wrangle children in and out of car seats!

During Covid, the drive thru option is growing in popularity as they offer fewer touchpoints, giving mums with little ones more peace of mind.

We’ve compiled a list of local drive thru coffee vendors. We may have missed some, so if you know of any that aren’t listed, please let us know in the comments.

  • McDonalds (McCafé) – corner Reynolds Road and Canning Highway, Applecross
  • McDonalds (McCafé) – corner Foss Street and Canning Hwy, Bicton 
  • Rubra on the Go 180 Carrington St, Hilton
  • Krispy Kreme – 1-7 Marshall Road, Myaree
  • McDonalds (McCafé) – Leach Highway, Myaree
  • Hot Shots Coffee – corner Stock Road and Sainsbury Road, O’Connor
  • The Salty Gnome – 2/398 South Street, Samson
  • Port City Roasters – 312 South Terrace, South Fremantle
  • Exile Coffee – 77 Canning Hwy, South Perth
  • Coffee Sisters – Wentworth Parade & Malata Cres, Success 

If you’re looking for somewhere to go where you can take the children and keep them entertained whilst you sit down for a coffee and something to eat, have a look at our list of Local Family Friendly Cafes & Restaurants.

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