The end of the school year is swiftly approaching, and our kids’ teachers work so hard. So, when it comes time to show them a little appreciation, here are some suggestions on how to say “thank you”.

  1. Candles – something for them to relax and unwind to
  2. Plants – they last longer than flowers and add a little extra touch to a room
  3. Personalised Diary & Pen – it’s always nice to start a new year with new stationery
  4. “Because I had a Teacher” Teacher appreciation book
  1. Mugs – for those endless cups of coffee or tea
  2. Insulated Tumbler – for when they need to take their coffee to go!
  3. Christmas Bauble – a little Christmas magic goes a long way
  4. Wooden “thank you” desk sign
  1. Cookie/Cupcake Gift Box – who doesn’t love yummy treats?!
  2. Tote Bag – something practical
  3. Personalised Pencil Case – pens always seem to go walkabout!
  4. Gift Vouchers – everyone loves receiving a gift card to spend on something they want

Homemade Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to explore yours or your child’s talents, then you can DIY a gift from home. Here’s our list of 10 Homemade Teacher Gift Ideas.

  1. Cake/Cookies/Chocolate Bark
  2. Succulent Pots
  3. Tie Dye Tote Bag
  4. Framed Artwork/Poem
  5. Painted Mason Jar
  6. Christmas Decoration
  7. Bath Salts
  8. Body Sugar Scrub
  9. Painted Kitchen Utensils
  10. Bookmark

Remember that you don’t have to give your child’s teacher a gift but if you do, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, a handmade card with meaningful words is enough to give your child’s teacher a much-deserved boost and make the trials and tribulations all worthwhile.

Melville Mums
Author: Melville Mums