Bearhunt in Melville - teddy bears on fence

With social distancing our new (temporary) normal, you can still get the kids out in the fresh air and have some fun by going on a bear hunt around your neighbourhood.

Inspired by the children’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, the teddy bear hunt has gone viral, with bears popping up in communities around the globe to entertain kids currently in lockdown due to COVID-19.

Join the Bear Hunt!

Lots of Melville Mums have already joined in on the scavenger-style activity, and it would be great to see even more families get involved and offer a much-needed distraction to local children who may be feeling anxious during these difficult times.

Bear hunt picture - teddy bears in window

All you need to do is place a teddy (or two…or more!) in a window, porch, tree or fence so it’s visible from the street. Take a picture of your bear display and add the details to the City of Melville Bear Hunt map. Don’t forget to join us in the Melville Mums Facebook group and share your creative bear displays in our Bear Hunt post or tag @melvillemums on Instagram to feature in our stories.

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