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Family traditions are something that look different for every family. They can be built around traditional holidays such as Easter or Christmas, or they can be as creative and untraditional as Marathon Mondays at the park every Monday night. Whatever your traditions looks like, the importance of family traditions run deep. They work to instil connection, identity and fun into your family.

But do matching Christmas PJ’s or Friday movie nights really make a difference? The answer is yes, for so many reasons. Traditions can act almost like a secret language known just by your family. This creates a sense of belonging, unity and security for your family members (especially the kids). Traditions don’t have to be elaborate or expensive but they do have to be fun and memorable (and earth-friendly where possible). How often you do them and how you carry them out is entirely up to you. This will be driven by how important the tradition becomes to your family’s life.

When things seem out of your control or life seems mundane, a tradition can offer something unique or special – something to look forward to. Knowing that on Taco Tuesdays you are going to eat yummy food and listen to Mexican music with your family may be all you need to keep you going through the week. The importance of family traditions can not be overstated as they serve a range of purposes. From the fun memory-making to building the confidence and security your family needs to navigate life’s ups and down.

Traditions touch us, they connect us, and they expand us

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If you haven’t grown up with any memorable family traditions, you can be creative and start your own. Try to involve your children in shaping these traditions as it will instill the feeling that they are a valued and contributing member of the family.  

Traditions can become part of your family history so try your best to hand them down to the next generation. If however, a tradition seems to lose its joy or spark, then let it go or allow it to transform into something a bit different.  Traditions are supposed to be a fun way to make memories, not something else to add to your to-do list.

Some Inspiration For Traditional Holidays

It’s never too late to start building traditions into your family’s life. We’ve put together a list of some fun creative traditions around traditional holidays to get you started.

Easter Tradition Ideas

3 dogs dressed and waiting for the Traditional Easter egg Hunt
  • Decorate Easter eggs and put them on an Easter tree
  • Decorate the house with homemade decorations or store bought bunnies whilst listening to Easter music
  • Make Easter Cookies together to hand out to friends
  • Go on an Easter egg hunt
  • Hold an Easter egg rolling competition on Easter afternoon
  • Celebrate Easter mass together
  • Create an Easter egg hunt for your furry friend (using dog treats instead of Easter eggs)

Halloween Tradition Ideas

  • Make a Halloween music track to listen to during October
  • Host a costume party for Halloween (even if it’s just for your family) and take photos!
  • Watch a family-friendly movie like Casper the Friendly Ghost on Halloween

Christmas Tradition Ideas

Tradition of baking Christmas cookies
  • Bake Christmas Cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa or as gifts for loved ones
  • Make your own Christmas Cards
  • Decorate your house whilst listening to Christmas music and enjoying Christmas foods
  • Collect toy donations for a Christmas drive
  • Wear matching Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve (my favourite)
  • Watch a different Christmas movie every Friday night of December
  • Sprinkle reindeer food outside on Christmas Eve

New Years Eve Tradition Ideas

  • Head to the beach to watch the sunset together as family
  • Jump off a jetty together
  • Stay up past your bedtime
family tradition of mum reading a book to her daughter every night

Other Fun Tradition Ideas

This list is never-ending and is as creative as you dare to be. Here are just a few fun ones we found that you can take and make your own.

  • Friday Night Movie nights
  • Pizza Night Tuesdays
  • Yearly trip to your favorite camping spot
  • Ice cream sundaes on the last day of school
  • Yearly measuring your heights on a wall/or pole
  • Backyard camping on the first day of Spring
  • Read a book together every night

Let us know what traditions your family have or what traditions you are planning to create. Join our Melville Mums Facebook Group to start a conversation and get inspired. For more tips and advice on being a mum, head to our Parenting section on the blog.

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