Home Advertorial Melville Mums reviews My Fitness Kickboxing PLUS special offer!

Melville Mums reviews My Fitness Kickboxing PLUS special offer!

Melville Mums reviews My Fitness Kickboxing PLUS special offer!

When the team at My Fitness Kickboxing Booragoon asked Melville Mums to write a review and let our mums know what their classes are all about, I of course said yes! I’ve been a member of MFK for almost two years and I aim to get to at least one or two classes per week.

What happens during an MFK class?

Most of the classes offered are ‘standard’ sessions but there are also ‘circuit’ sessions available, with more of a HIIT focus.

Both the standard and circuit sessions last 45 minutes and they always begin with a short warmup. In the standard kickboxing session, there is then a body conditioning section with various exercises to get your main muscles groups firing. Think squats, lunges, push-ups and core work.      

After the warmup and conditioning sections, it’s straight into the kickboxing rounds where you’re given a series of simple (but challenging) combinations. Everyone gets their own freestanding bag so you can practise the combos at your own pace while kicking and punching to high-energy music. What better way to get out those frustrations! 

For something a bit different, the circuit sessions have a great mix of HIIT exercises with short, sharp kickboxing rounds to finish. The circuit varies every time, but in our Friday morning session, we used kettlebells, weight plates, TRX, barbells and resistance bands to rotate around different exercises with multiple rounds of 20 seconds high-intensity work and 10 seconds recovery. Take a look at the video below to get a taste of what these sessions are all about.

Whichever class you book into, the instructors are all super friendly and highly knowledgeable. During the session, they’ll come around and help out with technique, or go through the kickboxing combinations, but there’s never any pressure to be “perfect”. It’s all about having fun, pushing yourself and getting an amazing full-body workout. I’ve never found the sessions boring, and the time honestly flies by! 

Who is My Fitness Kickboxing suitable for?

The classes are designed for everyone, no matter what your fitness level or martial arts experience. As a newbie, you might feel like an uncoordinated octopus (maybe this was just me!) but a few sessions in, the kickboxing combinations become easier to remember, and you can modify any moves based on your capability. 

Many of the members are local mums, and there are plenty of session days and times across the week to fit in a workout around a busy schedule.

If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced workout that’ll get you fighting fit, I’d highly recommend giving MFK a try.

Special Offer

As a new MFK member, you can get your first 3 classes plus a pair of boxing gloves for only $26.99! Even better, you can attend classes at both the Booragoon and Willetton locations – check out the class timetable and register for the introductory offer here. Don’t forget to mention Melville Mums!