Today’s Q & A session is with Taryn Watson, Women’s Health & Continence Physiotherapist and founder of FitRight. Taryn shares what inspired her to start her own business and how becoming a mum has changed her perspective on the challenges of keeping fit and active.

Taryn Watson - women's health & continence physiotherapist

Hi, Taryn. Please tell us a bit about yourself

I am a physiotherapist with a masters degree in Women’s Health & Continence Physiotherapy – in other words, a pelvic floor guru! I have a particular interest in pre and postnatal health & exercise. 

I have two children, a nearly four year old son and an 8 month old daughter, and although I worked as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist for nearly a decade before having children, motherhood has given me a whole new perspective on the challenges of keeping fit and active at this time of life!

I’ve lived in the Melville area nearly my whole life! I grew up in Bull Creek and, after a stint in London, I came back home and got married and we settled in Mount Pleasant. I have also always worked in this area, seeing patients at SJOG Murdoch and running exercise classes in Ardross. 

What inspired you to start FitRight?

Right from the days of being a new graduate physiotherapist, I knew that I wanted to work with women during and after pregnancy. I love being part of the motherhood journey, it’s such a privilege and so rewarding!

I became a clinical pilates instructor in 2008 and started running regular studio and aqua exercise classes. I quickly realised the high demand for services like this, run by physiotherapists with extra training in pre and postnatal exercise who run small group classes and include education throughout.

My classes were always fully booked with a waitlist and there weren’t many other classes in Perth to refer on to. So after living in London for a while, I got back and started my dream – to make services like this more widespread and easily accessible. I initially had four other physiotherapists on board and now have over 30 contracted to run FitRight exercise and education classes!

What makes FitRight different to other physio/pilates classes?

I have worked hard to make sure that FitRight remains the gold standard in exercise classes for women. The physiotherapist instructors have the same women in their class each week for a six week course and not only do they know them by name, they know their medical background, birth history, pelvic floor strength etc. – and they tailor the classes specifically to suit them.

We call the things that make us unique ‘The FitRight Difference’:

  • Led by experienced physiotherapists

Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle assessment with a physiotherapist is a pre-requisite

  • All classes are low impact, and have many different levels of exercise options
  • Rebatable on private health
  • Community volunteers on hand at Baby&Me and Toddler&Me classes to care for your child/children.

How you have adapted in light of the COVID-19 situation?

COVID-19 has been a crazy time! Back in March, in the space of two weeks, we had to cancel all of our classes and create a new branch of the business called FitRight Online. 

FitRight Online classes are run for pregnant women, new Mums and women of any age, in the same way as our Studio and Aqua classes – in six week courses, with small group numbers, and with a physiotherapist instructor who knows your history. The classes are run live via Zoom so that the physiotherapist can see you as you exercise and make corrections. 

Thank goodness, about twelve months earlier, I had also created a private Facebook group for members – this online library of workouts and education resources was accessed by a record number of women during lockdown!

So, what’s next for FitRight?

There is something BIG in the pipeline actually… as well as continuing the exercise classes, education workshops and online resources that we currently provide, FitRight is planning to open a clinic where women can come and have their assessments! It will be called FitRight HQ, and will be in the Melville area. It will be a Centre for Women’s Health – a place where you can see Women’s Health Physios, Musculoskeletal Physios, a Lactation Consultant, an OT who can treat your Caesarean scar, and more, all in the one clinic!

Taryn Watson - women's health & continence physiotherapist - Melville Mums

As a mum to two young children, do you manage to squeeze in a bit of ‘me-time’?

I have found it very challenging over my motherhood journey to prioritise me-time! As a small business owner, my free time is often filled with work!

But I am trying very hard to prioritise little pieces of ‘me-time’ during the week, and my favourites are a refreshing power walk along the river, reading a Home Beautiful magazine with a cup of coffee or going out for dinner and drinks every couple of weeks with girlfriends!

What are some of your favourite places to go or things to do in the local area?

Once a week, I work in a co working office up at Heathcote. That has got to be the most beautiful place in Perth! I absolutely love going for a lunchtime walk around the riverfront there.

I also spend a lot of time at Deep Water Point and Point Walter with my kids. My three year old much prefers nature play to playgrounds and we have spent so many hours splashing and exploring. It’s particularly special because I also grew up in this area and I have fond memories of doing exactly the same things when I was a child! 

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