Kirsten Button and Madison Heady
Source: Serenity Wellness Collective. Photo by Raw Event Media

Melville Mums had the pleasure of attending a fabulous event last Friday, hosted by Serenity Wellness Collective at the Bluewater Function Room at Heathcote Reserve, Applecross. The theme for the morning was resilience, “about being able to overcome the unexpected, to embrace our difficulties and challenges, to believe we can and to thrive” –Narelle Weir, Serenity Wellness Collective. Something we should all say to ourselves every single day!

Melville Mums was a proud sponsor of this intimate charity event in support of the Saba Rose Button Foundation (SRBF). Collectively from ticket sales and the raffle, the event raised over $1000 to donate to the SRBF, helping children who have special needs and their families. The SRBF helps pay for these children to participate in ‘intensive blocks’ of physiotherapy, for specialised equipment that is needed, for parental respite and for care in the home.

Madison Heady and Kirsten Button shared their inspirational stories of resilience. It was an honour to listen to their journeys, both of which were extremely moving and emotionally raw. Two different stories of living with Cerebral Palsy and how it has affected them, how they work through it and to never give up.

Madison (Madi) is a beautiful 19 year old young lady, with an infectious smile. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and hasn’t let her disability get in her way of achieving what she desires. Her bubbly personality and great sense of humour was apparent as we listened to her life story. Her positive attitude has got her to where she is today, in a great job with wonderful friends and a lifetime of experiences some of us could only dream of doing, like swimming with dolphins. Her passion is to create a business where she is an advocate for other young people living with a disability. Her message to all is to see her, not her disability. Maddi is an inspiration, not only to young children living with a disability, but to all children, young and old, to live a life full of love and laughter and to fulfil their dreams. We could all learn a lesson from Madi’s resilience and positivity.

Kirsten is the founder of the Saba Rose Button Foundation. Just in the short time we heard her speak, it was evident that she is an emotionally strong woman, wife and mother. Kirsten shared with us her story of how her daughter, Saba, tragically suffered severe brain damage and multi-organ failure at 11 months resulting in an acquired brain injury, leading to a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. As you can only imagine, Kirsten and her family would have been heartbroken but, through these challenges, she has demonstrated strength and courage to fight for her daughter. The Saba Rose Button Foundation was established to help Saba with intensive rehabilitation, however the foundation’s journey has progressed and is now solely for the benefit of children in similar circumstances. Kirsten is passionate about making a difference in the lives of these children and their families. She has been there, she has lived it, she knows what’s involved and she is determined to help the journey for others. Kirsten’s journey is definitely one of courage and strength.

“Courage Doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is that little voice at the end of the day that says I will try again tomorrow.”

– Kirsten Button

It was wonderful to see so much support from a room of somewhat tearful women (and men) who left inspired, connected and motivated, with a gorgeous goodie bag in hand!

The event had great local support from the following sponsors:

Major Event Sponsors

  • Fusion Biz Co
  • Knot Just Cords
  • Melville Mums
  • Jessie Jolly Personal Stylist

Raffle and Gift Bag Contributors

  • 3 Hearts Ceramics
  • Lunar Apothecary
  • 180 Cakes
  • Two Quarters Creations
  • Pandora Booragoon
  • Maurice Meade Booragoon
  • Aria-Bella Rises
  • Posh Little Cakes
  • Antipotea

Thank you also to event photographer Raw Event Media.

To learn more about the Saba Rose Button Foundation, head to the SRBF website. If you’d like to keep updated on future charity events, you can follow Serenity Wellness Collective on Facebook and Instagram.

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