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Exercise Right Week – Home Workouts & Resources

Exercise Right Week – Home Workouts & Resources
Source: Exercise Right

Exercise Right Week is an annual public awareness campaign brought to you by Exercise & Sports Science Australia. This year, the theme is Exercise for the Right ReasonsThey want to highlight how powerful exercise, physical activity and movement are for your physical and mental health.


Starting on Monday 23rd May, Exercise Right are putting on a range of FREE in person exercise classes, education sessions and Q & A sessions – all run by accredited exercise professionals! Scheduled events include yoga classes, women’s health information sessions, pilates, walks and more!

Head to the Exercise Right Week webpage for all the event details.

Workout at Home Resources

If you’re looking for simple exercises you can do at home, there are lots of video workouts to choose from, including a mums and bubs video. Plus you can find out more information and facts in their blog and download activity sheets to try with your kids (like this HIIT workout shown below).

Source: Exercise Right

Exercise benefits for children

Some of the benefits you can explain to your kids that they will enjoy from exercising are listed below:

  • Exercise makes your lungs and heart stronger, giving you more energy so you can play for longer.
  • Exercise helps blood flow to your brain and organs, so you can concentrate in school.
  • Exercise strengthens and stretches your muscles. So you don’t hurt yourself when you’re lifting something heavy.
  • Exercise builds strong and healthy bones, helping you stand taller and lighter on your feet.
  • Exercise helps with your coordination and reflexes, so you can catch and kick balls or balance on the jungle gym.
  • Exercise helps to manage weight, keeping your body lean and healthy.
  • Exercise decreases your risk of diseases or illnesses, it even boosts your immune system and can help you avoid getting a cold.

For even more home workout resources for busy mums, head to our blog for a list of online Fitness Programs.

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