Walking your dog is so important – it gets both of you out of the house whilst enjoying the fresh air and getting exercise. It also provides your dog with mental nourishment, a chance to socialise and opportunities for behaviour training. Benefits for both of you include cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and decreased stress. Walking your dog also reduces their hyperactivity at home because they have been mentally and physically stimulated. Ticks all round!

We’ve listed some of the local dog parks in the City of Melville where you can enjoy a walk, both on and off the leash.

Off-leash dog parks

Dogs are permitted to run free at designated parks and reserves provided they:
• Are under effective control (this means the dog will come back
when called at all times).
• Are accompanied by someone who is capable of controlling the dog.
• Do not attack other dogs, people or wildlife.
• Are close to their owner so the leash can be quickly attached if
they become aggressive.

For your nearest off-leash dog park, please have a look at the City of Melville Dog Brochure, where you will find a detailed map of each suburb and it’s off-leash dog parks, shaded grey. We have listed some of the main ones below:

On-leash dog parks

Below are some great parks where you can have a nice walk with your dog on the leash.

Foreshore areas between:
• Flannagan Road and Canning Bridge, Applecross
• Queens Road and Cranford Avenue, Mt. Pleasant

Remember to take your dog bags and clean up after them.

If you’d like to know about other local parks and playgrounds, have a look at our blog for suggestions and reviews.

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