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Melville Mums Rules, Guidelines & Member benefits

Please read and ensure you understand and follow these guidelines. We want to ensure the group remains a place Melville Mums want to continue to engage with. 

Repeated breaches of guidelines will result in you being removed from the group.

Sponsors are Directory Listing businesses who are subscribed at the sponsor level, currently, $39 a month

Directory Members, are Directory Listing business who are subscribed at the directly level, currently $12 a month

Promote your business by commenting in response to recommendation requests (All Levels)

Many of the questions asked in the group are for recommendations for different City of Melville businesses and services.  

Being a directory lister allows you to answer these recommendation requests with the details of your own business.

Always place {Sponsor} or {Directory Member} at the end of any comment promoting your business

Post Local Positions Vacant directly to the group (All Levels)

You may at any time share vacant local positions within your local business with the group. Please provide as much information as possible in the post with relevant links. If a job description looks scammy, it will be removed. 

Always place {Sponsor} or {Directory Member} at the end of any comment promoting your business

Post directly to the group promoting your business (Sponsor level only) 

Strictly ONCE per Calendar month

You MUST include {Sponsor} at the start of each post, or a moderator may remove it.

Use this as a regular advert, run a competition, post a poll, ask questions for marketing research, promote a deal or sale, or anything you like.

It’s important to keep the group relevant for Melville Mums and not constantly bombard them with advertising material.  For this reason, posting more than once per month not be tolerated. Breaches will result in the termination of your sponsorship privileges.

Bumps of your posts are not permitted.

Post or share events on our pinned Activity/ Event guide posts (Sponsor level only)

At appropriate times, we will pin a post to the group’s top, calling for sponsors to share their local events, classes, activities, etc. 

Pinned posts might include Term & School-based activity guides.  Please suggest other guides that you think would be helpful to our members.

You may include direct links to your event.

You MUST include {Sponsor} at the start of each post, or a moderator may remove it.

Include a short business sign-off at the end of your group comments (Sponsor level only)

The group discusses many topics. Sponsors can promote their business by contributing positively to these discussions and placing a short signature with their business details at the end of their comments.

For example, for a post asking for recommendations for a toddler-safe park, you could give your advice on the best, then at the end of your comment, put: Sponsor – Kids Cafe!

Sign-offs must start with the word Sponsor and include your business name only. For Example 

Sponsor – Lilypad Photography

Discounts on professional business branding photography (All levels)

Melville Mums Partner, Lilypad Photography, offers a special rate to Melville Mums directory businesses for business branding professional photography.  Great images will help your business stand out and, when including you and your team, really add a personal touch to your marketing efforts.

Reach out to the team to find out more.


Annual Subscriber Bonus – a Bonus Month AND 30% discounts on our additional advertising packages (Annual Sponsor level only)

Subscribe as a sponsor for a year, and not only will you save a month of your sponsorship fees, but if you would like to take up any of our more comprehensive advertising packages, you’ll receive a 30% discount off our standard rate. 

Our advertising packages are currently under review so we can make them bigger and better.

Reach out to find out more if you have a pressing event or business you’d like to market.