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Step by Step is a physiotherapy practise exclusively for babies and children. We specialise in working with families to support the development of your baby or child through play. We use play to promote participation and encourage your child to maximise their potential.

Step by Step is a beautiful facility with 3 colourful treatment rooms, and plenty of toys and games to make physio fun for your child. We are wheelchair and pram accessible. We exclusively treat babies, children and adolescents so our premises are set up to meet your family's needs. We also offer appointments 6 days a week to fit in with your family life.

Step by Step Physiotherapy for Children provides goal-based therapy that is individually tailored to each child's needs. We treat babies and children of all ages and a wide range of abilities.

Our qualified physiotherapists have extensive paediatric experience. We understand the many competing pressures of family life and have lots of real life experience in fitting strategies to support motor development in our days!

We are highly skilled in supporting the gross motor needs of babies and children. Our passion is promoting movement for fun and participation within the context of busy family lives!


Babies and Toddlers

Step by Step is tailor built for supporting even the tiniest of motor milestones! Newborns through to toddlers have very specific needs and we are perfectly set up to cater for them. We treat:

  • Premature babies
  • Babies with torticollis (turning to one side) and plagiocephaly (flat head)
  • Babies having difficulty with tummy time
  • Babies not meeting gross motor milestones like rolling, crawling and walking
  • Toddlers with delayed motor milestones like running and jumping
  • Babies and toddlers with Global Developmental Delay, or presenting with diagnoses like Cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and other developmental conditions.


At Step by Step we know that children aren't just mini adults, they have very specific needs and need very specific tailored programs not a mini version of boot camp! We treat:

  • Children with delayed motor milestones or Global Developmental Delay
  • Children with Joint hypermobility , and other similar conditions
  • Children with musculoskeletal conditions such as poor posture, pain and stiffness, including chronic pain
  • Toe walking and other abnormal walking patterns
  • Children with fatigue, poor fitness and endurance
  • Children with coordination problems
  • Children with hypotonia
  • Children with autism requiring physiotherapy for gross motor development.

We also offer services for NDIS clients (Self and Plan managed) and run therapy groups.

Contact Information
Mccoy Street, Myaree Western Australia 6154, Australia
Phone: 08 6161 1241

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