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Weekly Business Advertising Day

Every Tuesday, a Business Advertising post is published in the Melville Mums Facebook group. This is a great opportunity for businesses to advertise to our wonderful group of mums.

Who can comment on the Business Advertising post?

Members who are listed on the Melville Mums Business Directory, or currently advertise on the Melville Mums website (banner advertising, offers etc.), are allowed to comment on the post.

How does it work?

  1. Head over to the Facebook group
  2. Under the ‘Business Advertising’ post, click ‘Add Photo/Video’ and upload 1 image OR video
  3. Write your business advert including relevant info e.g. business name, offers, contact details, website/social media links
  4. Click ‘post’

Are there any rules?

  1. Advertisers only – The post is only for members who advertise on the Melville Mums website.
  2. No bumping – Don’t artificially ‘bump’ your post, and do not ask people to reply to your comment.
  3. Do not PM members who have not asked to be contacted
  4. No posting ads at any other time – Any ads not posted within the Business Advertising post will be deleted.

I’m an advertiser but not a member of the Facebook group. How do I join?

  • If you’re a local mum, click here to join the Facebook group. Ensure your privacy settings are lowered so we can check you are a real person.
  • If you’re not a local mum, you are welcome to get your wife, partner, sister or friend to post on your behalf. Just provide them with the words for the post and an image to upload!
  • Please note: Only personal profiles are able to join the Facebook group (not business pages) – any Business Advertising posts will come from your personal profile so it’s vital that you include the business name within the post.

How can I become an advertiser so I can comment on the post?

If you would like to take part, you can list your business on the Melville Mums Business Directory. Try us out with a free trial!

We also offer other marketing options including banner advertising and promotions to help you advertise to local mums and their families – click here for details.