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Following a competition by the Melville Road Board and with inspiration from a Syrian city of the same name, Palmyra was the chosen name for the suburb. The Syrian city served as a trade centre in Ancient Europe and the word Palmyra means ‘City of Palms’, due to the area being covered in an abundance of Zamia plants (the ones that look like mini palm trees). Zamias are found across the City of Melville, including in our own Palmyra. Following that competition, streets in Palmyra were named with Middle Eastern inspiration. Zenobia Street, for example, was named after a Syrian Queen; Aurelian was named after the Roman Emperor who overthrew Queen Zenobia; and Petra was an ancient city in Jordan linked by trade to Palmyra. The Romans ranked Palmyra fourth in the seven wonders of the ancient world, and for those that call Palmyra home, there are many wonders to this well-located suburb.

Flanked by Canning Highway and Leach Highway, Palmyra has easy access to both Fremantle and the CBD, with convenient public transport at its doorstep. It’s only a short five-minute drive to Swan River and less than ten minutes to Port Beach, making Palmyra a desirable suburb which ticks many boxes for those looking for a little bit of everything.

Palmyra has a spiritual connection through a dreaming story about the bobtail (Yoorn) goanna and freshwater springs. You may encounter a bobtail or two while walking through the leafy suburb. And don’t be surprised if you hear a roar, it’s probably coming from the Three Bears or Dinosaur Parks – a couple of local favourites for the kids! Palmyra residents and visitors have their fair share of parks to choose from, including the natural beauty of Emily Main Park, George Thomson Park, Reddings Reserve, Geo Thompson Park, Solomon Public Open Space, Oz Park, John O’Sullivan Park, Dark Park, Woolshed Park, Lou Stonham Park and Bill Sheehy Park.

Palmyra takes care of most of your shopping needs, with Stammers Shopping Mall located on Canning Highway, which contains your major supermarket stores, personal services, and a range of health care services. There are also some great childcare options within the suburb. For those looking for a bite to eat, there are a huge number of options found in surrounding areas, particularly along the Canning Highway or in its neighbouring suburbs of Melville and East Fremantle. If this still doesn’t cover your needs, Fremantle is less than ten minutes away.

Palmyra has a mix of housing options, with plenty of modern houses being built, but it still retains a fair number of character homes throughout the suburb. The type of housing is mostly low density with some medium density housing closer to the main roads and shopping districts. The suburb is very well positioned and being just that bit closer to Fremantle than Melville, makes it an attractive option for many families.  

Local schools:

  • Palmyra Primary School
  • Our Lady of Fatima School
  • Melville Senior High School

For more information on the local schools’ intake boundaries, you can refer to the Department of Education Schools Online site where you can search for a school or an address. 

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